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biodieselBiodiesel is a term used for any diesel fuel produced from refining oil, grease collected from plants and animals. The most common oil used for biodiesel production is herb oil (corn oil, soybean oil or sunflower oil).

The biofuel is injected inside the internal combustion engine, Diesel type, through which the production of electrical power is achieved. The combustion of biodiesel is cleaner than that of oil, fewer particles and fewer sulfur compounds are produced. The main effect is excellent lubrication, which functions as a solvent that cleans the engine. But it is more corrosive to engine parts from regular diesel, which means that the machines should be designed for biodiesel. The performance is compared in all areas to that of oil, from the power to consumption.

Biodiesel is an alternative liquid fuel for internal combustion engines, environmentally friendly, with minimal emissions (sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide), which reduces the risk of damage to human health and provides consumers with a fuel with a balanced relation of cost - benefit.


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