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The industrial and business roofs are the most ideal place for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Investing in photovoltaic plants for industrial roofs has excellent response from investors as they are characterized as "low risk" with highly attractive economic returns.

THARROS ENERGY cooperates with the top manufacturers, able to offer solutions for every roof case of its customers.

Indicatively some of the photovoltaic installations implemented by the company are listed.


40 Iroon Politechniou Str.
41335, Larissa, Greece
Tel. +30 2410 669055
Fax. +30 2410 669066

Our Philosophy

For a long lucrative investment result in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the long experience of those who carry the project is decisive in the effective management and implementation of energy projects and investments. This is what THARROS ENERGY guarantees!