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The program "Photovoltaic on Roofs" enables every citizen to exploit 'green energy' by placing photovoltaics on the roof to produce their own electricity from the sun by selling to PPC.

With this program, interested parties may place photovoltaic systems up to 10 kw on residential buildings and very small businesses, giving them financial incentives in the form of aid to the produced solar kWh. Thus they will make amortization of the photovoltaic system installed and have a reasonable tax-free profit on services (energy and environmental) providing the network.

All output from the solar electricity is fed into the grid and you get paid for this for 25 years. You continue to buy power from the PPC and can pay the price you pay now. In practice this means that PPC will install a new meter to record the energy generated.
To join the program, you need to own the space on which the solar system will be installed.

Indicatively some of the photovoltaic installations implemented by the company are listed.


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Our Philosophy

For a long lucrative investment result in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the long experience of those who carry the project is decisive in the effective management and implementation of energy projects and investments. This is what THARROS ENERGY guarantees!