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1964 Initiation of activity of Mechanical Workshop - Ironworks in Tyrnavos by brothers Konstantinos & Nikolaos Tzioumakis.

THARROS SA is founded, the first of the Group's companies, as a processing - manufacturing company of fastening products.

The company is established in Greek territory utilizing the oligopolistic nature of the market at that time. It becomes the leading producer of special fastening products. At the same time, it develops a sales network in Balkan countries such as Albania, Yugoslavia (later Serbia and FYROM), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta and later in West Germany through dealers, increasing the volume of its export activities.

During the years that followed, the company expanded its activities in import, production and distribution of building materials and industrial types of metals.

1989 The group enters at the same time to the production field and processing of fresh agricultural products for the Greek market.

THARROS Group starts its activity in another area, in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with the installation and management of energy production units from Photovoltaics with the company THARROS SOLAR GP which was then renamed THARROS ENERGY GP.By the year 2013, the company will install and manage various energy production units for customers and for the group itself. It also takes place with other investors in holding - collective investments in RES that itself has implemented and constructed.
Then, several steps are made to evolve dynamically and in the market of biomass and biogas plants.

2012 DION FOODS & HEALTH, a company of THARROS Group, starts with the packaging, marketing and selling to international markets a range of authentic Greek, Mediterranean products.
2013 By creating TRADE THARROS P.C. businesses and a series of Private Capital Companies which correspond to the same number of Biomass projects, THARROS Group proceeded to marketing raw materials for the production of biomass and energy from biomass - biogas. Also the Holding – Collective nature of the investments is boosted by creating joint-investment schemes with a view to the possibility of creating greater investments.
2014 THARROS Group continues the coordination and the development of new renewable energy projects in order to expand its activities in the field of energy.
(*) THARROS ENERGY GP is an enterprise of THARROS Group


40 Iroon Politechniou Str.
41335, Larissa, Greece
Tel. +30 2410 669055
Fax. +30 2410 669066

Our Philosophy

For a long lucrative investment result in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the long experience of those who carry the project is decisive in the effective management and implementation of energy projects and investments. This is what THARROS ENERGY guarantees!