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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:47

Biodiesel Combustion Technology

Our company has developed and applied a pioneering and innovative new process for the production of second generation biodiesel by processing superacid waste of oil materials. The unit of the new process will use as raw materials acid and superacid herb oils and animal fats, olein, fatty acids, refinery wastes and other acidic oily waste materials of low value.

The use of these raw materials, which have up to now been considered as waste, adds significant economic benefits to the biodiesel industry.

Our company is considered as one of the most specialized companies in the country for the production of biodiesel and other biofuels from waste and residual biomass.

As part of our research - business activities, we have developed new, cost-effective and flexible processes of biodiesel production (second and third generation), using new catalysts (solid heterogeneous catalysts), in order to produce biodiesel primarily from unrefined herb oils and animal fats, used herb oils and animal fats, from other herb waste oils of poor quality (acid and superacid oils with significant water content) and slaughterhouse wastes-animal fats.

The results so far of this research activity is particularly striking, since, apart from all the other advantages, it is now possible to convert to biodiesel raw materials of very low or and negative cost, without any special pre-treatment of the raw material and without creating unwanted byproducts and wastes of classical processes, which pollute the environment. These oily materials, of high acidity, are inadequate raw materials for biodiesel production with conventional production processes. With our new process both biodiesel and glycerin are produced in high purity, so there is no need to undergo further treatment required by conventional processes. As a result, the total cost of production of biodiesel and management of byproducts of the production process is much less than the cost of the classical method.


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Our Philosophy

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