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    • Because our company is active since 2007 in the implementation of energy projects and investments in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), implementing over 70 projects throughout Greece.


    • Because we take place with other investors in holding - collective investments in RES that our company has implemented and constructed.


    • Because we apply a Quality System in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008, ensuring high quality services and products.


    • Because we offer specialized manufacturing solutions for projects with complete technical support from a qualified engineering team covering fully the needs of the construction project.


    • Because the company is staffed by experienced professionals with years of international experience and expertise at all levels of cooperation that are constantly trained in technical and consulting issues.


    • Because the company offers economic and guaranteed solutions in cooperation with reliable suppliers.


    • Because we will stand by our partner for any technical support needed.


    • Because we do not see our projects as a mere good, but a commodity that will give maximum profit on your investment and will provide you with the maximum rate of return on your capital.


40 Iroon Politechniou Str.
41335, Larissa, Greece
Tel. +30 2410 669055
Fax. +30 2410 669066

Our Philosophy

For a long lucrative investment result in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the long experience of those who carry the project is decisive in the effective management and implementation of energy projects and investments. This is what THARROS ENERGY guarantees!